In late 2016, I set an alarm on my phone to go off every Monday morning. At 9AM, a note would pop up saying "Art Submission X 2". And every Monday, I would make sure that I had submitted work to at least 2 new companies by the end of the day. As an artist, I'm used to shooting work out into the abyss and never hearing anything back, or perhaps an occasional "thanks but no thanks," which is still no, but at least you know someone looked at your work. But, one afternoon in December, I received a response from Michael Miller Fabrics, and it was a YES!

Over the next month, after multiple phone conversations and emails, and then one very nerve-wracking conference call, I signed on with them as an exclusive designer. Designs for my first collection were finalized in the Spring, then production, then a whole lot or yardage arriving at my house, and now I'm looking forward to the official release of Everglades in the next few weeks! I'm so excited to share these first looks here and can't wait to see it for sale on the shelves soon. 

Inspired by Everglades National Park, the Everglades collection is a playful take on the vivid and varied flora and fauna of the park. Mischievous crocodiles splash, elegant snowy egrets wade, and a hazy moon rises over the wetlands at dusk. Everglades features prints for children and vivacious adults alike.