I’m Betsy Siber (pronounced "See-burr", not "Cyber" though it's way cooler), a creative, hard-working lady who calls the beautiful Chicago, Illinois home. I live in the Wicker Park neighborhood in a 120-year-old coachhouse with my artist husband Matt, our two adorable and energetic daughters, ages 6 and 3, and our young-at-heart grey tabby cat Loki.

Becoming a parent in 2010 opened my eyes to the amazing markets of modern children’s books, children’s clothing and children’s products. I had so many “Wow, I could draw that!” moments, that eventually I couldn’t ignore them anymore. Illustration became my new focus and obsession, and once I got started there was no stopping.

I find inspiration in vintage cookbooks, midcentury design, modern quilts and generally anything my girls are delighted by. I'm addicted to Instagram and my iPad pro, but I also love to spend an afternoon with a cup of coffee (with a couple of refills, of course) and a few tubes of gouache paint and india ink.

I am a proud member of Pencil Parade Collective, a collective of 4 women committed to inspiring each other and banding together to share our art. You can meet us in person at our first trade show in May, Blueprint in NYC!